Frequently Asked Questions

We offer free security consultations so you don’t have to decide blindly. Our technician will review your property and any existing security solutions you may have. Based on what we find, we can accurately recommend solutions that work best for your property.

Yes! No matter what company’s sticker is on your access solution, chances are good that we can provide maintenance services. Call us today at 800.721.1828 to determine if your gate is compatible.

Absolutely. You can add additional products at any time, and we will integrate them with your existing property solutions.

Not to worry, your property’s automation products won’t be affected, unless you’ve chosen to have your system run off of Wi-Fi; our standard system is connected by GSM, which is far more reliable. This means that internet outages will not affect your system. Access to either the internet or smartphone data will be required to use the mobile app.

Yes, we offer several types of service plans to best fit your property’s needs. If there is ever a problem, contact our excellent customer service team at 800.721.1828.

Within seconds of receiving signals we contact the proper emergency responders. We have no control over their workload and therefore cannot predict how quickly they will arrive. To help them respond to actual emergencies, it is important that your call list is current, and your system is functioning properly.

Our techs can handle it. Call us at 800.721.1828 and we’ll integrate the multiple systems into your app.

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